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"Kieran has taught my son over this last year, I have noticed how confident he is becoming now that he’s developing the ability to play, Kieran is a very patient and understanding teacher who knows exactly how to get the best from our son, Alex looks forward to his lessons every week and even practices what he is asked!"

Sean, Bourne.


"My daughter had started losing interest in her guitar lessons with her first teacher, and I was determined for her to keep going! We found Kieran and her passion has been restored!! He is truly amazing. He has the patience of a saint, he’s kind and keeps it fun. I wasn’t sure how the online version of his lessons would work, but they’re absolutely brilliant. I recommend him to everyone!"

Sienna, Stamford.


"Kieran first started teaching my son in school. Having developed a style of my own, being self taught, I was also taken on as a challenge! Kieran guided me on some theory and techniques and encouraged me on to some more challenging pieces. Work has forced me to go it alone again, but my son now has one to one lessons each week. So far this year, even with the covid issue, Kieran has guided him through 2 more grades, with distinction and merit. No pressure, kind guidance and meticulous attention to detail. If it is starting out, fixing an issue with your playing or just the need to learn a bit more, Kieran is the teacher you need, young or not so young."

Charlie, Collyweston.


"Kieran has been my guitar teacher for nearly three years now. He's taught me a huge amount. In addition, our shared passion for music and the bands we have both grown up with make for a thoroughly enjoyable hour whenever I go and see him. Thoroughly recommended."

Mike, Stamford.


"I have been a student of Kieran's for over 10 years now and it has been 10 years of fun and development. Kieran approaches guitar tuition with a "what do you want to learn?" attitude which for me makes it so enjoyable. I personally think having a guitar tutor teach specifically what the student wants is more beneficial. If I had just started off with only work towards grades and theory I do not believe I would have carried on for as long as I have. However, if you want to start and focus on getting grades and mastering theory then Kieran is brilliant at delving into these and helping you develop into a better guitar player.

Finally, the icing on the cake with Kieran is the person he is. Kieran is an extremely likeable and lovely man who does not put pressure on his students. The pace at which you can learn is really down to you and Kieran will be your trusted guide on your journey to learning how to play the guitar."

Olly, Uffington.

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